Since 1989

Principals Dr. Scott Carroll and Dr. Jenella Loye provide customized service and superior scientific practice in applied public health and agricultural entomology. We provide Good Laboratory Practice scientific services. In addition, we provide regulatory and product development advice to facilitate registration under US EPA, PMRA, EU and other regulatory authorities.

We have the academic acumen and industrial experience to maximize your study's:

  • Relevance

  • Reliability

  • Information content

  • Cost effectiveness

We understand that the needs of our sponsors, whether large or small, are ill-served by a boilerplate approach. Everyone on our team of science and regulatory professionals welcomes discussion to best meet your objectives.

Global in scope, local everywhere

Carroll-Loye has broad expertise in public health, environmental entomology, product development and registration and academic biology. Carroll-Loye utilizes research sites and facilities nationally and throughout the world.

Working with the regulatory community

We work closely with regulatory bodies (EPA, PMRA, EU, FDA, DoD) to define best practices for meeting our sponsor’s needs and for sound science in general. Our in-house practices are integral to the recommendations of US EPA regulatory guidelines for insect repellent efficacy tests.

The benefits of working with Carroll-Loye

Recognized leader in insect repellent development and testing
Planned approach to safety, performance and registration
Clear understanding and practical application of EPA Practices
Cost-effective development
US/EPA GLP Inspected
IRB approved Human Research Subject Protocols
Complete Quality Assurance Monitoring Team
Protocols approved by California EPA
Pioneer in the registration of botanical insect repellents
Global clientele
Services are confidential

Is registration my responsibility?

“Is registration my responsibility?”

Ensuring product effectiveness and safety, is the responsibility of everyone engaged in the development process.

As a case in point, the rapid spread of West Nile Virus, the unchecked epidemic of Lyme Disease and risks associated with global climate change have raised public awareness of insect repellents as well as expectations for performance and government oversight.

With this increased attention to insect repellents, and the growing concern about liability, businesses are searching for ways to:

reduce risk of poor performance
improve confidence in repellent safety and efficacy determination
fathom and comply with the EPA guidelines
differentiate themselves from the competition

Assuring reliable, effective and safe insect repellents depends on thorough and professional testing. Even if you use deregulated (‘25B’) active ingredients, efficacy should still be properly demonstrated. Carroll-Loye Biological Research can help you to meet your performance and safety goals.