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Carroll-Loye provides scientific testing, product development and registration services for insect repellents, organic, natural and low toxicity pesticides, fertilizers and soil amendments.

Since 1989 we have developed pioneering protocols for EPA, FDA and PRMA (Canada), including delivering GLP and human subject data for US EPA and PMRA pesticide registrations. 

We perform gap analysis, quality assurance, product development planning and management, performance testing, regulatory compliance and product registration. We use cost-effective approaches to meet efficacy and safety guidelines mandated by the US EPA, FDA, PMRA EU and other regulatory authorities. We provide and coordinate chemistry, toxicology, and legal expertise to achieve your objectives. This range and depth of capacities helps us to meet your needs in full.

Product Development
Product Development
We have the resources, knowledge and interest in helping to develop new consumer products. We’re particularly interested in developing products with natural, plant-derived active ingredients. Our formulations specialist and research team provide the expertise and resources to allow for collaborations on the development of these new products.
Efficacy Testing
We conduct efficacy testing for new and developing products in a lab, semi-lab, and field settings. In the laboratory, we conduct arm-in-cage human subject studies as well as wind tunnel exposure trials for both spatial and topical repellents. For semi-lab or semi-field conditions, we use laboratory-reared mosquitoes in tented or otherwise enclosed outdoor spaces. We also have year-round access to natural mosquito habitat for spatial repellent trials and GLP human subject testing. We’ve conducted fieldwork throughout the USA in order to test products against species of concern in accordance with EPA guidelines to ensure appropriate testing and registration of new products. 
Efficacy Testing
Specialized Consulting
We have extensive experience working closely with regulatory agencies and conducting work in accordance with EPA guidelines for federal and state pesticidal product registration. We can provide guidance in navigating these requirements as well as insight on any step in the process of developing, testing, or registering a new product. We also provide advice for United States NOP (National Organic Product) or organic material review, as well as generalized consulting on where to start in the larger landscape of regulatory agencies in the USA.
Want to read more? 
In-depth explanations of our services, including general information you need to know when registering an insect repellent, are included in this PDF. If you have a question that you can't find an answer to on this website, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
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